Advantages of an Electric Tipper over a Manual Tipper

When investing in your equipment, you want to be sure to find a trailer that will be a benefit for years to come. Here’s 3 reasons we would advise an electric tipper over a manual;

1. Quicker

Compared to a manual tipper, our Electric Tippers, the PW0, PW1.2, PW2.4, PW3T5, and PW3.6 offer quick and easy tipping, unloading, and lowering of the trailer for efficient handling of materials. An electric powered tipper means you can forget the labour-intensive manual pumping and focus on speeding up your operations, therefore whoever the operator – they can work effectively.


Our Electric Tippers offer 50 full tips per charge, so you do not have to worry about running out of power on the job! Unlike many other manufacturers, we are confident in our promise of tips per charge. Still, suppose you are looking for additional peace of mind and use a specific towing vehicle, you can look into using a charging pin (like used for caravans) that will allow your tipper battery to charge whilst you drive and means you only require a full mains battery charge periodically.

3.Value for money

Our electric tippers offer long-lasting value for money. Not only do they retail very competitively, but more importantly, they provide a strong return on investment as they increase productivity on jobs, saving valuable time and resources.

The Debon Tipper Trailer range offers electric trailers with single and twin axle models with removable sides, offering towing solutions for many industries, including landscaping, construction, groundworks, equestrian, smallholding, and many more.

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