Box Van Trailer versus Van

Advantages of a Box Trailer compared to a Van

If you’re looking to set up your own Company or perhaps expand your current fleet, you may be researching vans and vehicles to transport items too large or heavy for a standard car. But have you considered buying a box trailer instead of an additional vehicle?

Whilst a van offers many advantages and is specifically for the cause you are using it, which is particularly useful if the work you are carrying out involves getting dirty, then you may not want that mess in your car. However, a box trailer offers so many advantages over purchasing a separate vehicle, here are just a few:

Lower Initial Cost

The main advantage is cost. A box trailer will be considerably cheaper to purchase than a vehicle and will not depreciate anywhere near as much, making it a sound investment. A brand new Debon box van trailer will cost in the region of £3,100 for our lightweight single axle C255 Box Trailer up to – £6,850 for the spacious C700 Roadster compared to a typical van which will cost in the region of £30,000 new – 5-10 times more expensive.

Lower Running Costs

With the ever-increasing cost of living, and especially fuel, purchasing and running a van is an extra expense compared to the initial outlay of purchasing a box trailer and perhaps having a tow bar fitted to your car. You would need to check your towing vehicle towing limits but our aluminium box trailers are lightweight yet strong, providing a great payload and enabling you to carry more than perhaps you would legally be permitted to carry in a heavier trailer – which would also increase your fuel consumption. In addition, the front of our box van trailers is tapered to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.

A Box Van does not need an annual NCT. We would recommend having a trailer regularly serviced to ensure it is in good working order and road legal however this is a fraction of the cost of servicing and maintaining a van.

More Flexibility  Upgrading or Switching

With a box van you have the option to upgrade or switch your towing vehicle without having to replace your entire set-up. The sale of all new diesel vehicles will be banned from 2030, this includes vans and commercial vehicles. (Lorries are also being phased out at this time.) This means that at some point in the next decade we are all facing the decision of when to upgrade to an electric vehicle. With the price of fuel increasing and the introduction of more clean air zones in city centres, together with growing concerns relating to climate and air pollution the pressure to ditch diesel is building. A box van trailer is ready to make the switch away from fossil fuels whenever you choose.

A trailer has the flexibility to be towed by whichever vehicle or employee requires or is available at that time. It can be unhitched and left at home or on site as required giving you the freedom to pop out for spares, errands or even lunch, leaving the box trailer where ever it is needed or in a secure place.


Trailers are very reliable, there is much lower chance of a trailer breaking down and repairs tend to be simpler and quicker. If your towing vehicle should have a breakdown then your trailer can simply be hitched up to an alternative towing vehicle.


And for those dirty jobs, you can always buy seat covers to protect your car seats, making purchasing a box trailer an outright winner! 



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