22 November 2022

Tipper Trailer Size and Weights

Our wide selection of tipper trailers are available in a range of sizes and weights to accommodate varying loads. Fabricated using anodised aluminium, Debon Trailers remain lightweight yet strong, and are built to last using quality materials throughout. Designed by experts for safety, versatility and ease of use, Debon Tipper Trailers provide a perfect transport…

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31 October 2022

How much can a Box Trailer carry?

There are a number of considerations when purchasing a Box Trailer, however, the main and most important factor is what you intend to carry and also on the capacity of the towing vehicle.  You need to make sure you are aware of the sizes and weights of the trailers to ensure the one you purchase is…

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22 September 2022

Securing your Trailer

Purchasing a new trailer is an investment, for which a lot of thought and consideration has gone into purchasing before you have parted with any of your hard earned cash. However, with the value of trailers increasing and ultimately the number of reported thefts rising, you need to ensure you safeguard your investment against potential…

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08 August 2022

Using a Tipper Trailer

Tipper trailers are one of the most versatile trailers on the market due to their ability to carry various loads securely and efficiently. The Debon range starts with a simple single axle rear tipper, to a twin axle 3-way tipper and are available in various sizes to accommodate the general load the user expects to…

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24 June 2022

Is my Trailer road safe?

It is a legal requirement to ensure that our towing vehicles are road worthy and have passed their compulsory NCT and advised regular service at the recommended intervals. Although Box and Tipper Trailers do not require any compulsory form of NCT, it’s the responsibility of the trailers owner, or user, to maintain them in a…

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01 June 2022

What can I do with a Box Van Trailer?

Box Van Trailers provide a great addition to your towing vehicle, offering extra room for a wide range of items and uses. Extra Luggage  The smallest, lightest single axle box trailers, similar to a Debon C255 are perfect options for adding more space when the towing vehicle is full or when you need to transport…

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09 May 2022

Box Van Trailer versus Van

Advantages of a Box Trailer compared to a Van If you’re looking to set up your own Company or perhaps expand your current fleet, you may be researching vans and vehicles to transport items too large or heavy for a standard car. But have you considered buying a box trailer instead of an additional vehicle?…

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23 March 2022

Advertising, Branding or Personalised Graphics on a Box Van Trailer

Custom designed unique graphics to personalise your trailer, your business, or your advertising campaign. Many of our customers want to get their trailers to be customised and eye catching. For some it is the aesthetics of matching their tow vehicle, others want to grab the opportunity to advertise their business on the go, or even…

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18 January 2022

Towing your Debon Trailer Guide

IS YOUR TRAILER ROADWORTHY? Servicing – Ensure your trailer and vehicle are both road-worthy. Like your towing vehicle, Trailers need servicing regularly to check for any damage and to ensure the trailer is in good working order. Tyres – must have enough tread (at least 1.6mm) and make sure there are no cracks in the side wall of the…

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18 September 2020

Three Benefits of an Enclosed Trailer

An enclosed trailer, often referred to as a cargo trailer, serves as a convenient way to transport various types of equipment and goods. Widely used for purposes ranging from motorcycle trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers, business-in-a-box trailers and much more, the applications of an enclosed trailer are endless. Often branded as Box Trailers in the…

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