Debon C255 Features

It may be the smallest and lightest Box Trailer in the Debon range, but the C255 features many options which are not available on it’s counterparts.

Braked or Unbraked

The C255 is the only box van trailer Debon offer which can be purchased braked and unbraked (with the Plywood Sides variation). There are a few reasons to opt for either. A main consideration will be your towing vehicle’s towing capacity. Vehicle’s generally have a different rate for braked and unbraked trailers. Unbraked trailers are also cheaper to service due to the absence of a braking system to check and repair.

However, Braked trailers do enable the vehicle to stop quicker due to the additional braking power, and therefore does not increase the wear on the vehicles brakes and tyres. They are also able to carry heavier weights than an unbraked trailer due to their higher MGW rating.

3 Side Wall Options

As standard in the box van range the C255 features an aerodynamic one piece front and roof available in 5 different colours. However, the C255 is the only Debon trailer which is available in 3 different wall options. Each wall variation is available as standard or with an optional side door.

PLASTIC COATED PLYWOOD – Exclusive to the C255, this is the only Box Van trailer available with Plywood sides. Available in grey and white, with a 2 year warranty, plywood sides are the cheapest option in the range. Being 18mm thick and the heaviest side panel available, you are able to fix into the sides. However, be mindful that unless you add an inner wall, it will go through the panel and show on the outside.

COMPOSITE – Reinforced with a honeycomb foam, the composite sides come with a 5 year warranty. Rot resistant and durable, these are a great option for a cargo trailer. The composite sides are however not recommended if you are looking to modify your trailer by utilising the sides, as they cannot be drilled.

Composite sides are also available on the C300C400 and C500.

ALUMINIUM – As used across the whole range of Debon Box Van Trailers, the aluminium sides are extremely versatile. The durable 18mm double skinned annodised aluminium, has a 5 year warranty with no risk of rot. The versatility of aluminium makes it perfect for conversions as the inner skin can be drilled into without puncturing the external wall.

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