How much can a Box Trailer carry?

There are a number of considerations when purchasing a Box Trailer, however, the main and most important factor is what you intend to carry and also on the capacity of the towing vehicle. 

You need to make sure you are aware of the sizes and weights of the trailers to ensure the one you purchase is capable of transporting your intended cargo.

Here is a list of all the Debon Box Trailer dimensions to give you an idea of which size you would require;

Trailer Axles External Dimensions (LxWxH) Internal Dimensions (LxWxH) Unladen Weight Gross Weight  
C255 Single 3600mm x 1700mm x 2050mm 2550mm x 1250mm x 1550mm 370kg 1300kg  
C1300 Single 4190mm x 2000mm x 2020mm 3000mm x 1550mm x 1680mm 445kg 1300kg  
C300 Single 4110mm x 2000mm x 2290mm 3000mm x 1550mm x 1900mm 510kg 1300kg  
C500 Twin 4395mm x 2115mm x 2396mm 3200mm x 1670mm x 2000mm 625kg 2600kg (Optional 2000kg MGW)
C500 XL Twin 4990mm x 2150mm x 2370mm 3680mm x 1660mm x 2010mm 665kg 2600kg   
C700 Twin 4990mm x 2330mm x 2370mm 3760mm x 1810mm x 2010mm 665kg 2600kg  
C800 Twin 5650mm x 2315mm x2420mm 4410mm x 2060mm x 2060mm 1000kg 3500kg  
C900 Twin 6220mm x 2315mm x 2440mm 5090mm  2060mm x 2060mm 1100kg 3500kg


How much can a Box Trailer carry?

The unladen weight is that of the trailer whilst empty and the Gross Weight is the weight of the trailer and the maximum amount it can carry including the weight of the trailer. Therefore the weight you can carry (payload) is the Gross Weight minus the Unladen Weight.

For example, the C255 weighs 370kg empty and has a total Gross Weight of 1300kg, which means it can carry a payload of 930kg.

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