What can I do with a Box Van Trailer?

Box Van Trailers provide a great addition to your towing vehicle, offering extra room for a wide range of items and uses.

Extra Luggage 

The smallest, lightest single axle box trailers, similar to a Debon C255 are perfect options for adding more space when the towing vehicle is full or when you need to transport extra equipment.

Transporting Vehicles

Even some of the smaller box trailers are capable of carrying lightweight vehicles and machinery, from the Cargo 1300 which can comfortably fit in an average sized lawn mower and still leave room for access, up to a larger sized which can easily accommodate a small car.

A Mobile Business

The larger box van trailers provide an excellent resource for a mobile business.

🌟 Time-efficient: No long set-up or pack-up times on-site, with our exhibitor trailers equipped with a hatch as standard, simply pop open the hatch or drop the ramp on arrival and close it up before you leave.

🌟 Increased security: With all products safely displayed within the confinement of your box trailer you don’t need to worry about losing anything.

🌟 Branding: A Debon Box Trailer offers a perfect blank canvas to brand up with your logo, products and services.

🌟 All-Weather Conditions: No matter what the British weather throws at you, you can be sure that your products will stay in optimal condition and you’ll stay dry whilst running your business.

🌟 Functionality: The spacious interior of our Box Trailers means that infrastructure can be added to work perfectly for your set up and business type.

🌟 Transport your equipment and work directly from your trailer wherever you are in the country, you could be in a different location every day within the same office! 

For more information on our extensive range of Box Trailers check out our website or to discuss your requirements, call +353868203770 and we would be happy to assist you.

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